Scandinavian furniture makers

Scandinavian furniture makers have built a great number of superb home furniture across the time period from 1930 to 1960. Many of this furniture have become very popular during the last years. In Denmark alone, there has been manufactured more than 10.000 pieces of unique furniture over the last decades.

Today a large number of this furniture are very well known around the globe and are still getting reproduced. The Ox and Y-Chair by Hans J. Wegner, the Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen are to bring up a number of examples. This article will touch upon the history of the Scandinavian furniture creations and the reasons why these are getting so popular.

Scandinavian home furniture design is generally thought of as minimalistic and functionalistic. IKEA furnishings are an example of that. In functionalistic mindset, furniture should be created for regular use and remain inexpensive for everyday people. This perception for the functionalism never really started to become reality for the Scandinavian popular home furniture, because they were also costly in their early days. The actual cause of this was their premium quality plus the high-priced elements applied to produce the furnitures.

When we examine how this furniture has been made, these were either industrial manufactured or made manually. An illustration of a designer who mainly designed hand made furniture is Kaare Klint. The Swan Chair by Arne Jacobsen is just one illustration of a retro chair that’s industrial created. The explanation that the Swan Chair was industrial created was that it was difficult to make the shape of the chair by hand with the required material. If we speak about industrial creation it is essential to emphasize that we do not imply large scale production as we know it to day. In a 1930-1960 perspective industrial creation basically means the fact that furniture were machine made.

Discussing Scandinavian design coming from around time period from 1930 to 1960 it is vital not just to think about vintage chairs. The designers from this time period also created plenty of other unique design objects which is now very popular these days. The Globe by Poul Henningsen and wood made toys by Kay Bojesen is really great examples here off. Arne Jacobsen is yet another designer who actually produced more than just chairs. When he designed the Royal SAS Hotel he also did the general interior personally, ranking from chairs to silverware.

But why is the home furniture designed in this period so trendy? This is most likely because of the frequently fluid lines and often interesting forms which makes the home furniture from this period really spectacular to see. Add this with a wide variety of colors, fabrics as well as a good quality and you’ve got a lot of the answers why the Scandinavian furniture form this era is very popular.

Scandinavian design emerged during the 1950s from the Scandinavian nations Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland. This is a design and style motion characterized by simplicity, minimalism and performance. If you’d like to catch up on present Scandinavian retro furniture, then can be a fantastic spot to get started.

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